The Old Year’s Resolutions

Nothing like looking back at January’s resolutions and seeing just how I fared over the last twelve months. I’ll be honest: I’ve never lived particularly well by my New Year’s Resolutions, but that’s not to say I haven’t lived well through 2013. Let’s get the small disappointments out of the way first…

Resolutions 2013


I had vowed to get back to swimming laps, which I managed! I even got an underwater mp3 player this year, because I am nothing if not a product of the 21st century. I had my eye on fencing as a new activity to try, but instead I enrolled in a Bollywood class over the summer. And in this my 24th year of existence, I finally achieved a skincare system that works for me. I tried Vichy, La Roche Posay, Clinique, and Philosophy without finding that perfect blend of things that worked for me. And then I tried a $6 bottle of Cetaphil and that appears to be my holy grail.


With 14 books to my reading credit this year, I managed to put a good dent in my “new reads” pile. One of my favourite reads of the year was one of my fresh new Christmas books, The Historian. I’m afraid my book-buying addiction did get the better of me after a year of no new books. My fiance, Chris, built my to-be-read pile into a structure he’s called a “book pagoda.”


I have been getting into a solid writing routine this last while. I didn’t write “the dreaded scene,” but it’s coming down the pipeline faster with every page I complete. A first draft of my novel was not completed, but I have finalized drafts of four chapters, which is the most I’ve ever accomplished (feel free to gloat now, NaNoWriMo-ers. You have me schooled in the art of fast writing.) On top of novel writing, I also managed an average of two blog posts a month, shuffling those two around here and there. I’ll admit I’ve fallen off the last little while, with neither readux posts nor writing posts – but only because I’ve been writing so much else!

Even though I’m clearly no dedicated follower of my own resolutions, I’ll make another list for 2014 by which to very loosely live my new year by.


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