Top 24 – Part 2

This Friday is my birthday, and I thought I would commemorate it with some profound, some sentimental, and some plain joys of life from my first 23 years of existence. I’m breaking in into four parts, so check back  Wednesday and Thursday.

7.) Sex in a Pan – a dessert based on layers of chocolate goodness and whip cream goodness. Just as great as the dessert itself is consuming in the presence of family laughing their faces off at getting to say “sex in a pan” at what started out as a polite dinner party.

8.) Travelling in England – I’ve been to London three times since I turned 18 and still pine for it on a daily basis. The other places I’ve visited – Bath, Canterbury, and all the places on the way to Chatsworth House (London to Chesterfield via train, Chesterfield to Baslow via bus, forty-five minute walk through pastoral England) – are spectacular in their own rights. Also, I have some great memories from my trips there, including the proposal from point 4, and getting to visit the real-life Pemberley and play the Duke of Devonshire’s piano.

Chatsworth House
The Veiled Vestal Virgin at Chatsworth House

9.) Waterslides. I haven’t been on a waterslide since I was probably sixteen, and then I went to the water park a week ago. Waterslides (and waiting in line with your friends and screaming the whole way down and losing a contact lens) are still awesome.

10.) Soup – for the last year of my degree, I worked from home on chapter drafts and all those fine things. I had Campbell’s soup for lunch pretty much every day – come to that, I still have Campbell’s soup for lunch pretty much every day. It’s what Chris calls my “peasant diet.” And then there’s homemade minestrone, chicken wild rice soup from the gelateria across the street from my office, tomato soup from The Free Press bistro… mmm, soup.

11.) QI – stands for “quite interesting.” It’s a trivia show from the U.K. hosted by the one, the only Stephen Fry, with comedian panellists. But it’s not a trivia show in a Jeopardy way – really competitive, for money, with a comprehensible scoring system, etc. The questions on QI are insane, and no one is really expected to get them right. It’s the banter and conversation on the way to getting the answer that’s the most entertaining part. I’ve watched so much QI that for a while my Youtube “Recommended” list was all QI episodes.

Also see “They Say of the Acropolis Where the Parthenon Is,” and “Vhere ist your license?”

12.) Not-As-Big-As-Medium-Sized-Jock-But-Bigger-Than-Wee-Jock-Jock – he’s a minor character from Terry Pratchett’s The Wee Free Men, a young Nac Mac Feegle (“Braveheart fairie” is the best way I can describe them) who plays the mouse bagpipes. He’s probably one of my favourite fictional characters ever. Sadly, he does not appear in the other books in the Wee Free Men series series… probably at the request of the typesetters.


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