New Year’s Reading Resolutions, or How the Bet Was Won

My name is Amanda and I’m a book-aholic. Now, while I don’t see any disadvantage to this, I have a fiance who thinks that my reading career has gotten just too cushy. Before the end of the 2011, he presented me with this challenge:

I, Amanda Bereska, may not purchase any new books in 2012.

To which I agreed. If I lose, I must read The Silmarillion, which (with all due respect, Mr. Tolkien) has never terribly excited me, in the sense that one cannot be excited when one is in a boredom coma. I have not yet worked on the specifics of my side of the bet. Although a girl can never visit Chatsworth House/Pemberley too many times…

This bet was not made on the point of economy, but rather on the point of my being a biblio-hoarder with no sense of self restraint when it comes to books.

As the challenge was extended prior to the January 1, 2012, I had some time to rush out and do a final book haul, bringing the number of books I own and have not read to a total of 13. And, of course, there are books on my shelves that could do with a re-read.

A very close re-read.

Now that I am a writer – with a piece of gilded paper to prove it! – I think it is high time that I pay closer attention to the finer points of the writing craft. Throughout my education, I proved that I could analyze an assigned reading very closely and turn in acceptable – dare I say, good – conclusions (though I cannot promise that many of those conclusions will end up here). If I could do it when it came to school assignments, I’m sure I can do it when the assignment is “finish writing my novel, and by the way, make it not suck.”

I plan to spend the year alternating between new books and old books, between reading for pleasure and reading for extraction and exercise. Fitting in those pesky things like jobs and errands, and the more exciting things like Ukrainian food and figuring out how to kill imaginary people with my mind.

So, frankly, my dear, I think I can take on your little bet!

(But maybe I can borrow one of your James Joyce novels when I need some light summer reading at the cabin?)



    1. The library is forbidden. It defeats the purpose of learning to appreciate all of the books I already own. I feel like this could be an episode on some Treehouse show…

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